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Cataract Treatment by Experts

The cataract surgical team at the Marietta Eye Clinic is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams around. Marietta Eye cataract surgeons and staff perform over 6,000 life-changing cataract surgeries per year. See how this surgery changed the life of one of our patients in the testimonial video at the top of this page. Learn more about symptoms and treatment options below – we present educational material for you in written and video form to help you understand cataracts.

Cataract Self-Evaluation

Envision your world in a whole new light. You do not have to accept poor vision as you grow older. If your vision has declined over the years due to cataracts, your treatment options are better than ever before. Your vision affects your outlook on life. With greater clarity comes more ability to pursue your passions. The talented surgeons and dedicated staff of Marietta Eye Clinic live this mantra daily. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can help you decide if cataract surgery is right for you now, or later.

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Meet the Cataract Surgeons of the Marietta Eye Clinic

The Marietta Eye Clinic cataract surgery team is a highly experienced and dedicated team of medical doctors. Our cataract surgeons truly listen to their patients and practice empathy for every patient, treating them as if they were a member of their own family.

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How do cataracts affect vision?

If your vision has gradually changed with age and things don’t seem quite as sharp or in focus as they used to, you may be suffering from cataracts.

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Are you ready for cataract surgery?

Using modern, safe surgical techniques cataract surgery has become one of the most commonly performed procedures. Cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and patients are back home the same day.

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What happens during a cataract consultation?

Cataract consultations consist of a series of tests and examinations to determine the presence and severity of cataracts. You will meet with a board-certified ophthalmologist to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options.

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What do I need to know about laser cataract surgery?

In addition to traditional cataract surgery, we also offer laser assisted cataract surgery using the CATALYS® Precision Laser System. Using a femtosecond laser, your doctor can gently remove the cloudy cataract lens so a replacement Intraocular Lens (IOL) can be inserted.

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What should I know about premium lens options?

In the past, cataract patients only had one choice for replacement lenses during cataract surgery: Monofocal lenses. Today, patients have the opportunity to see better after cataract surgery with multifocal or accommodating Intraocular Lens (IOL) implants.

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How can I make cataract surgery affordable?

The Marietta Eye Clinic offers several types of payment options including financing through CareCredit, a popular option for financing healthcare costs.

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What can I expect after cataract surgery?

Recovery from cataract surgery is generally very quick, with most patients achieving noticeably better vision within the first 24 hours of the procedure.

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How do I do a cataract self-evaluation?

Checking to see if you have some of the symptoms of cataracts which may be limited your quality of life is easy. Just fill out our quick form and we will follow-up with you to schedule a consultation.

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Cataract Patient Infomation

Find your doctor specific cataract evaluation packets here.

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Cataract Myths & Facts

As with any health condition, there are many myths spread about cataracts. We address a few on this page to ensure you are adequately informed about your health.

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Cataract Center Videos

Allison Dublin, MD - Symptoms of Cataracts

Board certified ophthalmologist and highly experienced cataract surgeon, Dr. Allison Dublin of the Marietta Eye Clinic, discusses the most common symptoms of cataracts and provides some very illuminating visuals on how this natural aging process may be reducing your quality of life.

Charles Ho, MD - Cataract Treatment Options

Board certified ophthalmologist and highly experienced cataract surgeon, Dr. Charles Ho of the Marietta Eye Clinic, discusses the treatment options available for cataract patients including modern advances in laser surgery technology.