What Happens During a Cataract Consultation?

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The cataract evaluation visit is lengthy and can take a couple of hours because of all the information we need to collect in order to make the best decisions in planning for your eye surgery. The cataract evaluation visit starts with a thorough examination and a work-up by one of our trained ophthalmic technicians. We will review all of your medications and  your past medical history and then carefully listen to you as you explain your symptoms to understand the impact of your vision on your life.  The next step involves diagnostic tests in which we measure different aspects of the eye, including the curve of the surface and the length of your eye. We use the most advanced technology and the best equipment in order to gather the best and most accurate information regarding your eye.  This will help us determine what type of lens and the power of that lens to go in your eye to replace your cataract.

A physician will then meet with you, carefully listen to you and review your symptoms and vision concerns, and perform a complete dilated ophthalmic examination to evaluate the entire eye.  This is to make sure that you actually have a cataract that is visually significant; in doing so, your doctor will also rule out any other ophthalmic diseases that you may have that also can be impacting your vision.  After completing the ophthalmic examination and discussing together your surgical options, you will see a surgery coordinator who will then talk to you about the appointment date of the surgery, review your insurance benefits, and also coordinate any possible consultations you may need with your cardiologist, pulmonologist, or another primary care doctor prior to your surgery.

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