Insurance Information

We accept most major medical insurance plans. Please contact your insurance carrier to verify benefits and coverage.

  • Vision insurance is a vision benefit.  It is designed to pay toward “routine” comprehensive eye examinations.  A “routine” eye examination checks for but finds no medical problems.  The refraction (determination of the eye’s prescription) is included, and since there are no medical problems, there is no discussion of problems or follow-up needed when using Vision Insurance.  Most vision insurance plans do not pay toward the contact lens portion of the examination but may offer a discount on these services.  Vision insurance plans often pay a portion of (or offer a discount on) eyeglasses or contact lenses. Again, coverage of contact lens or eyeglasses would be with a routine eye exam.
  • Medical Insurance is Health Coverage that reimburses for medical conditions. That would include medical testing, diagnosis, consultation, or treatment.

Payment of benefits are subject to all terms, conditions, and exclusions of the member’s policy at the time of service.

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