What is the Day of LASIK Eye Surgery Like?

Lasik surgery is very convenient. You will be home the day of surgery.

Convenient. You will be back home quickly to finish recovery.

Please arrive at the surgery center at the time stated on your pre-op sheet. From the time of arrival to the time of discharge, you can plan to spend approximately 3 hours in the office. You will be offered a mild sedative prior to treatment. You will need a driver to take you home after surgery. Please make arrangements for transportation ahead of time. Enclosed in your surgery packet are several pieces of information. Please make sure you read over everything carefully. We will need your pharmacy name, address, and phone number to call in prescriptions for one or two drops that are used after surgery, prior to your surgery date. Further details concerning the drop schedule can be found enclosed in your surgery packet. Your complete post-op kit will be given to you on the day of surgery, and all instructions will be reviewed again at that time. Please read over the consent form prior to your arrival. You will be asked to sign it during registration.

We ask you to please refrain from wearing makeup or perfume on the day of surgery. Also, soft lenses should not be worn for 1 full week before surgery and gas permeable lenses should not be worn for 4 weeks before surgery. Your first post-op exam will be at the Marietta Eye Clinic the morning after your surgery.

Please direct any questions to our Specialty Vision Coordinator at 770-427-8111, option 2, extension 2287. If you feel that your concerns are of an urgent nature and it is after hours or during the weekend, please call our main office number: 770-427-8111. A Marietta Eye Clinic doctor is always on-call and will return your call quickly.

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