LASIK Eye Surgery Technology

The Only Fully Integrated LASIK Suite in Marietta

At Marietta Eye Clinic, we have a fully integrated LASIK suite with the fastest lasers on the market that combine safety, convenience and comfort for our patients.

Our suite includes:

  • IntraLase™ technology for creation of the corneal flap
  • WaveLight Laser by Alcon

IntraLase™ Femtosecond Laser

In traditional LASIK, the doctor uses a handheld microkeratome metal blade to create the corneal flap (the first step in the LASIK process). We use the IntraLase laser to create this flap. This method produces safer, more accurate results and reduces flap complications.

WaveLight®  EX500 Excimer Laser    

The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser offers a wide range of customization options for your unique eyes. Your surgeon can perform an individualized laser vision correction treatment just for you that can result in crisp, clear vision. WaveLight® technology gives your surgeon the ability to create a “map” of your eye to capture its unique features, a major advantage over earlier LASIK procedures. This enables your surgeon to customize the procedure in order to get the best results for your vision.

WaveLight® technology offers the most advanced laser system available. It is trusted by surgeons all over the world and designed to deliver consistent, effective results and provides:

  • Smooth treatments
  • Great accuracy
  • Proven safety profile
  • Multiple treatment options

Wavefront Technology: Custom LASIK in Georgia

One of the major LASIK technology breakthroughs of the last 10 years is the implementation of wavefront technology into LASIK, also called custom LASIK. Wavefront technology was pioneered for space science and physics to aid in reducing aberrations or imperfections in the optical systems of telescopes. In much the same way, wavefront-sensing devices are being used to produce an accurate picture of the optical imperfections found in the human eye.

Most people’s eyes suffer from distortions, commonly called aberrations:

    • Low order aberrations: Common distortions corrected through conventional LASIK, glasses or contact lenses.
    • High order aberrations: Imperfections that cannot be measured with standard refraction.

Wavefront technology gives your surgeon the ability to create a 3D map of your eye to capture its unique features, a major advantage over earlier LASIK procedures, with which high order aberrations could not be treated. The information is translated into a laser pattern that is then used during the LASIK procedure to correct low and high order aberrations.

What Can Custom LASIK do for you?

    • Improve overall quality, contrast and crispness of your vision
    • Possibly improve your night driving vision
    • Improve your chances of seeing 20/20 or better without glasses or contact lenses

Custom LASIK Results Using our WaveLight Technology

    • 93% of nearsighted patients see 20/20 or better.
    • 95% of farsighted patients see 20/40 or better.
    • 92% of patients describe their post-op vision as “good” or “excellent”

There is a lot to learn about LASIK technology in Georgia. We are here to help you understand all of your options for improved vision. Contact us today to schedule your free LASIK consultation.

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