Cataract Myths and Facts

As with any health condition, there are many rumors and myths which do not lead to the best medical outcomes. Our doctors have put together a quick list of items you will want to make sure you clarify if you believe you might be suffering from cataracts. Take a look below and feel free to let us know if you hear of any other commonly held beliefs about cataracts you might suspect may be incorrect.

Myth #1: The best time to have cataract surgery done is when it is first diagnosed.

Cataract removal is an elective surgery.

Myth #2: Taking Vitamin E or Vitamin C can prevent cataract.

Some research centers are studying the link between vitamins and cataract prevention. Do not take vitamins in large doses unless they have been prescribed by your physician.

Myth #3: Taking aspirin can prevent cataract.

It is a myth that aspirin can prevent cataract.

Myth #4: Cataract can be treated with eye drops.

Surgery is the only proven treatment for cataract. Cataract cannot be treated with medicines.

Myth #5: Cataract surgery is dangerous.

Cataract surgery is the safest operations done today. More than 95% of cataract surgeries are successfull.

Myth #6: It can take months to recover from cataract surgery.

Recovery from cataract surgery to the point of resuming normal activities is usually accomplished in a few days.

Myth #7: Only older Americans develop cataract.

Cataracts are most common as we age, but can occur at any age.

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