All Locations of the Marietta Eye Clinic will be closed on Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th in observance of the July 4th holiday. All locations will open again on Monday July 6.

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Randy H.
Nice facilities, very organized with the impact of COVID-19. Lots of customer service folks to speed up the processing time.

William W.
Everyone there was professional… They were kind, and they listened to whatever you told them and helped you. I am looking forward to going back and getting my other eye done. There was one nurse who was exceptionally kind and courteous and her name was Robin. Do you have a great crew there!

Wayne U.
Great experience from the moment I walked in until I was delivered to my car. My vision is so great; I’m 100% satisfied with the entire surgery process.

Carol W.
Things could not have been better at Marietta Eye clinic on Tuesday. I had a laser treatment on my left lens. Everything was wonderful. I was out in no time. They followed all the guidelines for the pandemic.

Kelley S.
I selected the Marietta Eye Clinic for cataract surgery based on the excellent online reviews I read. I have not been disappointed. The service is top rated, and at no time have I felt like I was in a cataract mill. The procedure was performed on the first eye 2 days ago, and I’m amazed by the result. Looking forward to the procedure on the other eye in 2 weeks. Dr. Wilkin takes the time fully explain the procedure and expected outcome and answer all my questions. I have great confidence in the professionalism and experience exhibited by Dr. Wilkin.

Angelique M.
The staff is very compassionate and caring. Dr. Mitchell is a wonderful, caring physician. They took great care of me, and I highly recommend this great team! Thank you for great care!

Judy R.
First time at the Marietta Eye Clinic. The staff was genuinely gracious, as it took me a while to find the right door! Everyone was delightful, made me feel completely at ease. Would highly recommend the Marietta Eye Surgery center to others.

Laura B.
This is the best place ever. Everyone was so kind and a pleasure to be around. I will tell everyone about y’all’s services. Thank you again.

Lawrence B.
My wife and I had cataract surgery. Our surgeon was Dr. Paul Mitchell. We were extremely pleased with the level of care provided by Dr. Mitchell and his entire staff. Dr. Mitchell goes out of his way to make you comfortable with the process. When he says no pain, he means it and delivers on his promise with excellent medical results. He is an excellent doctor and has an efficient and caring medical support staff.

Carol G.
All went well. Every professional was supportive and assuring. Dr. Cohen was calm and patient before and during the surgery. Thanks to all for a successful outcome.

Rosa M.
I am very pleased with Dr. Wilkin and his staff. I am happy I chose him to take care of my eye problems. He is very pleasant and easy to talk to.

Frances A.
Facilities were clean and bright. There was plenty places for everyone to sit. Staff members were helpful, compassionate and very professional. Warm blankets were just the thing to help me relax.

Juanita T.
Highly trained, and efficient staff. Dr Mitchell is an outstanding ophthalmologist with a witty sense of humor that puts your fears to rest. I have been seen by many opticians during the last 40 years, but my visit to Marietta Eye Clinic was the best. Thank you.

Sharon C.
I had a very good result to my surgery. I was worried about my surgery since I am blind in my left eye. I am so happy I can see better and clearer than I ever have!!!!! Dr. Ho is the best. I am sending my nephew to him for corrective surgery; he does not want to wear glasses. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Richard S.
Dr. Ho is great, and the staff is very efficient and careful as far as the virus threat is concerned.

Nellie L.
Everyone was so nice and caring. I felt a bit apprehensive but before I was aware Dr Mitchell done his magic and I was on my way home. Thanks to everyone at Marietta Eye Clinic.

Nan M.
The entire staff was very caring and patient with me as well as other patients. ALL staff did an excellent job in confirming my identity and the correct eye having surgery. Staff gave very good explanations/education of each point of care/administration of meds. RN gave me regular updates. I could also hear staff interactions with other patients, which were very positive interactions. Anesthesiologist and CRNA also had very good listening skills. I am sensitive to sedation (a small dose will make me drowsy, etc.). I never felt pain, only a little pressure. Discharge instructions were very verbally clear, as well as written instructions. There was opportunity to ask questions. Staff did a thorough job in handling COVID-19 precautions.

Ida W.
I trust the care I’ve received from Dr. Dublin. I also see a retina specialist at the clinic and he has also been pleasant and given me a sense of security. The support staff is very thorough, organized, and pleasant.

James B.
Plenty of Covid-19 precautions in place and executed. Staff very professional but friendly. Surgery easy.

Phyllis B.
I will be visiting this group again in a week. I highly recommend them for your eye care. They are very professional people and are very concerned about your well being and safety. Dr. Ho himself called to check on me that evening.

Glenn B.
Marietta Eye Surgery was amazing to deal with. Dr. Wilkin removed my cataract and put a permanent lens in that corrected my vision. Painless, easy, helpful, and professional. The entire staff was awesome!! I even got a personal call from Dr. Wilkin. Classy!

Harry L.
Terrific practice. Friendly staff greets you with a smile as you come, efficiently gets you where you have to be, nurses and assistants are professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly, and Dr. Paul Mitchell should be in the Doctors’ Hall of Fame. He’s old fashioned the good way: quietly impressive, explains everything clearly and completely, treats you as his patient and not as just another fee.

Donald K.
Everyone was very attentive and made me feel very comfortable before and during the procedure. … Top credit to Dr. Jiang and the anesthetist for helping me to relax.

Debra S.
My doctor, Dublin, is one of the sweetest and kindest doctors I have ever met, and I have met quite a few doctors, given my medical history.

Mabelle R.
Everything was as expected. Love Dr. Johnson!

Marlene D.
I had a good experience at Marietta Eye Clinic. The staff is wonderful, and I am happy with Dr.Long.

Levi H.
This was a great experience, all my anxiety was quickly put at ease. Dr. Cherof and her staff was exceptional.

Stephen S.
Just a great experience, the results better than I expected! Thanks to Dr. Wilkin and his staff for a wonderful experience.

Gloria P.
Staff was great at your locations; everyone so professional and respectful. Went in for cataract surgery and that same day I could see clearly. Did not need glasses for seeing distance or reading. Went back and had an eye exam and my vision is no 20/20. The doctor did a great job in surgery. And I am so grateful for his knowledge and how precise the surgery he performed by hand not laser. Wonderful person that cares about his patients. Thank you so much in returning my eye sight back Dr. Cohen.

Lori W.
Dr. Panda is a wonderful doctor! The whole team at Marietta, Eye clinic made my experience go smooth.

Kathy M.
So impressed with people at MEC. Every person I had contact with were over the top, kind, professional, and loved their jobs! I would recommend each and every one of them. And a big shout out to Dr. Mitchell. You are the best. Thank you, all!

Ivette L.
My cataract surgery was also done by Dr. Ho — he is the BEST, and I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Brandon S.
We had a great experience at the Marietta Eye Clinic Surgical Center. The nurses and anesthesiologists all had excellent bedside manner, which made my son and me very comfortable. Dr. Bratton is also wonderful and made my son feel at ease as well. She called to check on him and made herself accessible in the event that we had any problems or questions, which we appreciate!

James C.
I have just had laser cataract surgery on my left eye performed by Dr. Ho, and the result is miraculous! This is far, far better than I ever believed was possible. But seeing is believing. Within just a couple of hours after surgery and removing the plastic eye cover, it was like I had been transported to a bright new colorful world. I had forgotten how beautiful our world really is! My left eye had now become so dominant that the right eye (still with a cataract) was completely overshadowed. Vivid color just popped out, and I could see sharp detail that I had been missing for years. It was as if I had been living in a fog. Good vision is a gift from God. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Ho and his staff for restoring my eyesight and for the great work that they do at the Marietta Eye Clinic! This is a life changer for me. And now, on to the right eye!

Penelope M.
Having gone to MEC for nearly 10 years, they were the only choice for much needed cataract surgery. The first eye went smoothly, and I am seeing almost 20/20 the first day after surgery in that eye. The staff and nurses, etc. at the Surgical Center are so sweet and caring. I felt comfortable, which helped relieve my anxiety. Dr. Amy Cherof is top notch and an excellent, extremely competent doctor from here in the metro. With the second eye surgery in a few weeks, I am looking forward to practically perfect vision without correction for myopia and astigmatism for the first time ever. And with cataracts gone, vivid colors are back. Thanks to all!

Mia’s Mother (pediatric patient)
“Every person we came in contact with at Marietta Eye Surgery Center was phenomenal! They were kind, caring, and very supportive to my 5 year old daughter and myself! It could not possibly have gone any more smoothly. Thank you to Dr. Bratton, the anesthesiologists, the nurses, the front desk personnel and everyone else I forgot to mention!!

Susan F.
I had cataract surgery last Friday. First, Dr. Cohen is an excellent surgeon. Prior to the surgical procedure he explained why he recommended the laser and the toric lens implant for me. Having an extremely weak, underdeveloped left eye, I needed the safest method available. Dr. Cohen understood that while recommending my procedure based on my needs. This surgery is not a one size fits all. That is why you want a surgeon who looks at your particular situation and needs. I am 4 days post op, and I have not experienced any pain or discomfort. Having been in the medical-surgical field myself for 30 years, I have learned that following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions will lead to a safe and optimal outcome. Everything is a little brighter, and I am still in the very careful stage of wearing my patch at night and being avoiding getting hit or bumped. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen and this surgery. If I ever need this surgery on my right eye, I will be contacting Dr. Cohen.

James H.
I have already recommended Dr. Wener and Dr. Mitchell to several friends.

Risikat O.
Thanks to Dr. Allison Dublin and all staff members during my surgery. Everything went well and service was excellent. Thanks to everyone at Marietta Eye Clinic for making me comfortable before during and after my eye surgery.

William B.
I have used Marietta Eye Clinic for annual checkups for many years and now Marietta Eye Surgery Center for cataract surgery on my left eye. Dr. Ho and the staff seem competent and are professional and friendly. I have no reason not to recommend them to others.

Jackie L.
Dr. Panda is wonderful. I tell all my friends that if they need a eye doctor, please choose Dr. Panda. Dr. Panda has a great personality, always willing to listen to all your questions and concerns and explains everything to you.

Kenneth S.
This eye clinic is awesome. My wife and I have been going to Marietta Eye Clinic for several years. We are very pleased with the attention we receive, the staff and the facility. I have had 2 surgeries and trust MEC with my eye health.

Deborah Z.
I have Dr Dublin. She is very friendly and thorough. She is quick and efficient.

Charlotte F.
Never had one minute of problem with Dr. Mitchell. He is prompt, knows his job, and very professional.

Jerry G.
Dr Wilkin and this clinic are excellent. The surgeries went just as Dr Wilkin told me they would, even with less irritation to my eyes as was anticipated recoup time near zero. I would highly recommend this Dr, his staff, and the clinic for the type surgeries I had, superficial kerotectomy (right eye) and cataract surgery both eyes.

Stephanie W.
Dr Cohen is the BEST!!! When he did my first eye, he said we should do the second eye soon and I tried stalling, but finally gave in. Wish I had done it sooner! SO pleased with my new vision. Never imagined I would be 61 years old with 20/20 vision!!

Gertraud H.
Dr. Denise Johnson is the absolute BEST! My husband and I just love her. She puts one at ease, she is warm, professional and just a wonderful Doctor.

Sara B.
I would like to thank Marietta Eye Surgery Clinic and Dr. Mitchell for the very best treatment that I could get and all the staff were very helpful with my surgery, again thank you so very much

Danny R.
Excellent facility, kind caring staff and love Dr. Denise Johnson! I was totally comfortable! The place to go for cataract surgery!! Dr. Denise Johnson is kind, thorough, empathetic and an excellent eye surgeon, with a staff that is proficient in supporting her in every way!

Milton L. 
I had a very great experience with Marietta Eye Clinic Douglasville. Doctor Cohen and all his staff were courteous and helpful. The staff at the surgery center were just as outstanding with courtesy and comfort. HIGHLY recommend this establishment for your eye care needs. Thanks for restoring my eyesight Doctor Cohen and staff.