Varilux X Progressive Lenses

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How Progressive Lenses Work

Around around 40, your vision begins to change. Even if you previously had no vision issues, near-distance vision becomes blurry and it may become more difficult to see in dim lighting. This condition is referred to a presbyopia. Presbyopia can be treated with multifocal or progressive  lenses. Multifocal lenses, such as bifocals or trifocals, have distinct lines that can be distracting. Progressive lenses offer a smooth transition between visual zones. Progressive lenses allow for clear, sharp vision at near, medium-range, and far distances, even in dim lighting, with a single pair of lenses.

What Sets Varilux X Apart

Varilux X progressive lenses are the most technologically advanced progressive lenses on the market. Exhaustive research and trials have given presbyopes their best vision possible with the latest progressive lens from Essilor. Varilux X lenses can be fit to virtually any frame size and shape, meaning your glasses can be just as trendy as they are functional.

Lens Features:

  • W.A.V.E. Technology — eliminates distortion, providing a complete range of vision that is smooth and seamless
  • Xtend™ Technology — eliminates head movement or the need to hold objects at arm’s length for clear vision
  • Nanoptix™ Technology — eliminates the “off-balance” feeling some progressive lenses cause
  • SynchronEyes™ — helps your eyes work better together
  • 4D Technology™ — helps you focus more easily when shifting your eyes from one point to another
  • LiveOptics — Varilux X lenses are tested with rigorous tests and trials to ensure the best performance possible
  • Scratch-resistant coating

How Varilux X Compares to Other Progressive Lenses

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