Crizal Lens Treatment: Glare, Scratch, and Smudge Resistant

We provide Crizal® anti-reflective lens technology, which can enhance any prescription lens at the time of purchase. Anti-reflective (AR) is a type of treatment applied to the surface of a lens to reduce reflection. These lenses appear virtually invisible while allowing 99% of light transmission so that you can see more detail with greater sharpness and clarity. Crizal® lenses reduce glare from computer screens and fluorescent lights, thereby decreasing eye strain and fatigue. They also help keep you safe at night while driving by reducing glare from headlights, taillights and street lights.

Crizal® lenses are very durable and clean easily. We guarantee Crizal® lenses against scratches and breakage for 2 years from the date of purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Watch this video to see the difference between a Crizal®
treated lens and an ordinary lens

Anti-Reflective Benefits

  • Optimized eyesight with better contrast during the day and enhanced vision comfort at night
  • Attractive appearance
  • In some light conditions, bothersome reflections can appear on the surface of an uncoated lens but not on a Crizal® lens
  • Less glare means your eyes will be less tired, especially at the end of the day

Watch this video to see how Crizal® technology
impacts your daily activities

Crizal® for Children

If you wonder how to make a decision to purchase this type of technology for your children, we invite you to consider the benefits this technology will provide both you and your kids. Your children spend many hours per day at school reading, focusing, looking at the board, and playing with friends. With the right glasses, they are empowered to truly succeed in all of these activities and protect your investment in their vision. The right frames and lenses can provide smudge and scratch resistant technology, a durable life-span, and protection from harmful blue light. Both the sun and artificial sources of light such as digital devices provide exposure to blue light. Ensure your children have the tools they need to succeed and protect your healthcare budget with the latest technology.

Watch this video to see how Crizal® technology
can help your child succeed

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