Andre Cohen, MD is an ophthalmologist at the Marietta Eye Clinic.

Andre Cohen, M.D.




The ophthalmologists and optometrists of the Marietta Eye Clinic each chose to join this practice because of a common philosophy: providing the highest quality patient care possible. Marietta Eye doctors are the experts in their fields, the top graduates in their educational and training programs, and deeply compassionate health care providers. The physicians and optometrists here research and provide the latest technology for their patients, listen intently to their patients’ needs, and ensure their patients have the highest quality support and surgical staff available. We invite you to explore the credentials and personality of our doctors. Thank you for considering the Marietta Eye Clinic.

About Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohens Bio

Dr. Cohen is a refractive surgery subspecialist and has performed thousands of surgeries for the Atlanta community. Dr. Cohen strives to obtain the highest quality vision for his patients without relying on glasses as a final enhancement of visual outcome. His desire to inspire hope and improve the quality of his patients’ lives has led him to attain the highest level of skill in eye surgery. Primarily, Dr. Cohen routinely performs cataract, corneal, lens implantation, and LASIK surgeries.

“I do what I can to improve upon those techniques. No marginal improvement is insignificant if it results in better visual quality.”

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For some, a career choice might appear to be an easy decision when a family business is there to be passed down through the generations. Dr. Cohen planned to work for the family business, but at the age of 16, a dramatic experience changed his vision for his future. In a cold, matter-of-fact manner, a doctor explained to the family that Dr. Cohen’s father had only a few months to live. Not accepting that prognosis, a second doctor was found – one who gave the family hope. It was that doctor who inspired Dr. Cohen, already a student of the sciences with a great love for biology, to attend medical school.

“I knew I wanted to be someone who could inspire hope in others,” Dr. Cohen recalls, “and to help people in a way that only a physician could. That experience with my father, who is doing quite well, by the way, taught me that the practice of medicine is so much more than knowledge and skill; being compassionate about people is important, too.”

Dr. Cohen believes his broad view of ophthalmology makes him uniquely qualified as a surgeon. Not only does he bring those skills to surgery, he can serve his patients for multiple needs during their lifetime.

“I feel blessed,” Dr. Cohen says, “because I love my work. I hope to see patients until the day I can’t operate anymore. Ophthalmology truly is my passion.”

Dr. Cohen’s family values have a direct effect on his practice of medicine.

“Before I agree to perform any surgery on one of my patients, I first ask myself if I would do the same thing for my mother,” he says.


Refractive surgery
Multifocal Intraoclar Lens Surgery (Panoptix, Symfony)
Toric  (Astigmatism) Intraocular Lens Surgery
No Stitch and No Patch Advanced Cataract Surgery
Complicated Cataract Surgery
Laser Cataract Surgery
PRELEX (Presbyopic Refractive Lens Exchange)
CLEX (Clear Lens Exchange)
Cataract Surgery after LASIK, PRK, RK (Radial Keratotomy)
LASIK with EFX500 and Intralase (BLADELESS)
Astigmatism Surgical Management
YAG Laser Capsulotomy for Posterior Capsular Opacification
Laser Peripheral Iridotomy
Corneal Surgery
Intraocular Lens Replacement
Small Incision Corneal Transplantation
DMEK (Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty)
DSEK (Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty)
No Stitch Pterygium Surgery
Micro-invasive Glaucoma Procedures (i-Stent)
Iris Repair
Second Opinions


Performed over 18,000 Eye Surgeries
Medical Doctor – 19 years
Ophthalmology Experience – 18 years
Marietta Eye Clinic Ophthalmologist – 14 years
Current President and Managing Partner of Marietta Eye Clinic, Marietta Eye Surgery, and Marietta Eye Optical
Licensed to practice medicine in the state of Georgia
Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology
Certified Catalys Laser Cataract Surgery
Certified Alcon EFX 500 Wavelight Excimer Laser (LASIK, PRK)
Certified Alcon EFX 500 Wavelight Topography Guided Laser Surgery (LASIK, PRK)
Certified VISX S4 Wavefront Excimer Laser (LASIK, PRK)
Certified Intralse Bladeless Laser Surgery (LASIK)
Glaukos Istent Certified
Certified in DMEK (Descemet’s Endothelial Keratoplasty – Dr. Francis Price)
Certified Lipiflow Provider


Emory University School of Medicine – Medical doctorate (M.D.)
University of California/Irvine – Anterior segment/cornea/refractive surgery/corneal disease fellowship under the esteemed eye surgeon and ophthalmic pioneer Roger Steinert, M.D.
University of Tennessee – Ophthalmology residency
University of California/Irvine 2005-06 – Clinical instructor
Methodist Healthcare — Internship
Georgia State University – Master of science (M.S.) in cellular biology
Emory University – Bachelor of science (B.S.) in biology

Hospital Appointments

Wellstar Hospital Privileges
— Kennestone Hospital
— Cobb Hospital
— Douglasville Hospital
Wellstar Director of Ophthalmology

Professional Associations

American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Personal Interests

Spending time with family
Sports (baseball, soccer, and football)
World events
Philanthropy/charity work

"Dr. Cohen is fabulous. I have sent several friends to him for cataract surgery. He is the best!"
-Charlene S.
"Very professional and compassionate. Thank you Dr. Cohen and Melissa."
-Patsy S.
"You are awesome Dr. Cohen."
-Becky S.
"I have the second eye scheduled for this coming Monday! Will be great to have my vision as clear as the first eye post surgery!"
-Mark B.
"Dr. Cohen did my cataracts and I am very pleased. Pleasant experience from beginning to end. Everyone involved was professional and kind. End results are exactly what Dr. Cohen said they would be. Highly recommend him."
-Sandy B.
"Dr. Cohen is not just my doctor; I feel he is my friend. We have travailed with my cornea and eye issues. He has been doing for me what he discussed in the video concerning his dad. He has worked diligently for me and with me. God bless him! And with God's help and Dr. Cohen's, I believe for a great outcome."
-Terry G.
"Dr. Cohen is an excellent doctor. I have Fuchs' disease, and he did my cornea transplant. I have had Dr. Cohen for over 20 years, and the whole staff of doctors and assistants are awesome."
-Judy S.
"The most amazing physician I have ever met. He did my cataracts, and I never was in any pain. His bedside manner was wonderful. Marietta Eye Clinic is the only place I would want to have my eye sx."
-Betty M.
"Dr. Cohen and surgery staff were very timely, kind, and organized as usual."
-Shelley T.
"Dr. Cohen is an excellent surgeon, and the entire support team was nothing short of outstanding."
-Darold S.
"Excellent experience with Marietta Eye Clinic and Dr Cohen. From the initial visit and beyond my Lasik procedure, the staff have been friendly, answer any questions and concerns, and very thorough in every detail. Highly recommend!!!"
-Adrian R.
"Dr. Cohen and his staff were all amazing for both of my eye surgeries. I would strongly recommend them and have done so."
-Nancy C.
"Dr Cohen is top notch and so is his staff. Professional yet friendly. His exam is thorough, and he answers all questions and concerns. Follow up with his staff is also thorough. Do not get discouraged if the phone isn't answered by a person. You will hear from the person you need assistance from immediately. There is more than enough staff to do any and everything you need."
-LeAnn T.
"I have wanted to do Lasik for the last 15 years but just never was pushed to the point that it became a priority. I wore glasses and could not wear contacts because they burnt my eyes. Left was a +1.5, my right eye was a +2.50. During Covid I got sick and tired of my classes steaming up and it pushed me to the point to call Dr Cohen. It was one of the best phone calls I have made in my life. The experience was incredible, my vision is perfect, and I can read every single fine line on the side of a Coke can. Dr Cohen was amazing, his demeanor, humor, and professionalism is what drives me to write this review. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about it, make that call! Best thing I ever did in my life and I constantly brag how great I can see now!"
-Burke O.
"Drs Cohen and John are the best. Will not go anywhere else."
-Jonnie B.
"I have recently completed laser cataract surgery with multi-focal implants on both eyes by Dr. Andre Cohen at Marietta Eye Clinic. Dr. Cohen & the entire team did a fabulous job of explaining my surgery options and walking me through the entire process, from my pre-op office visit, through the actual surgeries on each eye, and on the post-op visits. I could not be more pleased with my results, as I now have 20/20 vision again! —...Best of all no more glasses!!! I definitely recommend Dr. Cohen for your eye care needs!"
-Tricia M.
"I have had two cataract and two cornea replacements surgeries with no complications whatsoever. Dr. Cohen is the best."
-David P.
"As always, I was treated in a friendly, thorough and professional manner by all staff, from front door greeting to departure. All of my questions were answered fully. Thank you!"
-Leslie L.
"Dr. Cohen is always informative and courteous. I know from my husbands experience he a skilled surgeon."
"If needing a qualified and superb eye surgeon, Marietta Eye Clinic is the place to go for excellent and reliable care. All the physicians have excellent reputations, and the staff is both professional and kind. Dr. Andre Cohen has performed several eye surgeries on me over the years with very professional expertise and focused care. In an office visit Dr. Cohen uses his caliber of knowledge, coupled with vast experience, to give the patient a proper diagnosis with a complete follow through. Additionally, and also very important, is that he actually listens to the patient. He gives you his full attention, not just half a year. You are heard. I trust Dr. Cohen with one of my most valuable and needed part of my eyes. I need not say more."
-Joanne K.