Marietta Eye Clinic Supports Adult Disability Medical Healthcare

September 27, 2019

As a healthcare provider, we are proud to join our fellow professionals in serving a community with unique needs. The Marietta Eye Clinic recently sponsored the Adult Disability Medical Healthcare (ADMH) nonprofit’s charity 5K Run for Health. This race raised funds for this fantastic organization which supports adults with disabilities, helping them access desperately needed, comprehensive healthcare services.

Here is a race photo showing the fun and impact this great organization has on the lives of adults with disabilities in Georgia. You can see more photos on the ADMH Facebook page.

The Marietta Eye Clinic supports the Adult Disability Medical Healthcare nonprofit organization and sponsored the 2019 Run for Health raising funds for healthcare services for adults with disabilities.

ADMH  recognizes people with developmental disabilities often experience significant health and healthcare disparities. They were founded to work toward addressing these disparities in as many lives as possible. They seek to provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach to addressing healthcare and social service needs for these adults. ADMH partners with Urban Family Practice Associates (UFPA), utilizing the Patient Centered Medical Home model.

​Marietta Eye Clinic ophthalmologists, optometrists, and staff members frequently provide their medical expertise and time to worthy organizations in both their private and work capacities. The board and management of the organization also seeks out opportunities such as this to partner with other healthcare organizations to support needy populations. We take great pride in this part of our company culture and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to support this race and this fantastic healthcare partner.

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