“Around MEC”

The Marietta Eye Clinic is a comprehensive ophthalmology and optometry clinic.

Our Inspiration

We, the providers and staff at the Marietta Eye Clinic are inspired by helping our patients achieve optimal eye health and the best vision achievable. While we hold ourselves to the highest standards of care, use the latest technology available, and hold the most advanced credentials possible, caring for people is our core motivation.

The pages of “Around MEC” celebrate our passion for patients and our collegiality. We strive every day to be a place patients want to visit and a place we love to work. Our practice has grown to serving nearly 70,000 people a year because we the people of MEC strive for greatness in every thing we do. Have a look around!

The MEC Way

What is the MEC Way? The “MEC Way” is embodied in the one person at work who makes your work day easier along with everyone else’s; the person who’s always smiling; the person who has a kind word when the day is long or hard; the person who goes outside of their circle to help others; the person who is truly a TEAM player. On a daily basis this person, not only does his/her job exceptionally well, they also selflessly help others do their jobs well for our patients and team.

2018 Sue Swanson MEC Way Awards

Every year, we celebrate our monthly “MEC Way” winners, our annual winner, and employees with significant length of tenure. Check out this fun gallery of photos from this celebratory event.

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2018 Sue Swanson MEC Way Award Winners Video

Looking for inspiration? Look no further. This video highlights the cream of the crop at MEC. Take a few minutes to hear their voice and be inspired.

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2018 Year in Pictures

We have a proud history of serving patients. Take a look at this gallery to see our team in action and occasionally having some fun.

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Betty Hilton Memorial Picture Gallery

Each of us has in our lives those people who move us, impact us, and bring incomparable joy into our lives. In rare instances, some people have this level of impact on nearly everyone they meet. For the Marietta Eye Clinic, this person was and is to this day a kind and talented woman named Betty Hilton.

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