Back to School Special – Glasses & Contacts

Children who can see better will learn better.

It’s back to school season. Did you know?! ½ of parents don’t know that 1 in 4 kids have vision problems. Visual development occurs throughout school age. If not properly treated in childhood, disorders can impact a child for the rest of their life. . Every child should have an eye exam at least once before starting kindergarten. Problems treated early often yield better outcomes. Treating vision problems early gives children every advantage possible as they navigate their early education and development.

For a limited time only, Marietta Eye Clinic has a back to school special for children 17 years and younger. Take advantage of this special pricing now!


Limited Time Offers

Glasses: FREE Frames with purchase of lenses ($200 value). PLUS Free blue light filter ($50 value). Offer valid at any of our 10 locations.

Contacts: $200 rebate with annual supply of BioTrue contact lens.

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