Eye Care Info: Glasses and Contacts

Brittany McNeely, OD is an optometrist at the Marietta Eye Clinic.

4 Blinding Eye Diseases Caused by Diabetes by Brittany McNeely, OD


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 100 million adults living in the United States live with diabetes or pre-diabetes. The CDC released a report indicating 30.3 million Americans, nearly 10%, have diabetes. The report also indicated 84.1 million have prediabetes and non-treatment of prediabetes often leads to type 2 diabetes within…

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Brittany McNeely is an optometrist at the Marietta Eye Clinic.

3 Serious Reasons to Never Sleep in Your Contact Lenses by Brittany McNeely, OD


Contact lenses are truly an amazing technology bringing millions of people around the world the gift of sight, freedom from continuous use of glasses, and numerous other benefits. We love providing these benefits to patient through accurate prescriptions and the latest in lens technology where we can treat many eye disorders such as nearsightedness (myopia),…

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The doctors of the Marietta Eye Clinic highly recommend the Varilux X series of lenses.

Marietta Eye Doctors Recommend the Highly Researched Varilux X Series of Lenses


The ophthalmologists and optometrists at the Marietta Eye Clinic only select the highest quality glasses and contacts to recommend to their patients. The technology behind these revolutionary lenses was created through years of detailed user research. Learn how these lenses will dramatically reduce how much you have to move your head for near and intermediate…

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Monica Bratton, MD helps you understand how to know if your child needs glasses.

How Can I Know if My Child Needs Glasses by Monica Bratton, MD


Your child’s health is one of your top priorities. However, children aren’t always able to clearly communicate or realize when something is amiss. This is especially true when it comes to their eyesight. A person’s vision has a major impact on countless aspects of their daily life. That’s why it’s important to be aware of…

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Charles Ho, MD discusses why you should get an eye exam.

Why People of All Ages Should Get an Annual Eye Exam by Charles Ho, MD


As you schedule your yearly health and wellness appointments, who are you including on your list? You’ll likely think to schedule an annual visit to your dentist and primary care physician, but what about your eye doctor? No matter your age or life stage, regular eye exams can help keep your vision healthy, which is…

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