Eye Care Info: General Ophthalmology

Justin Wilkin, MD is an ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon at the Marietta Eye Clinic.

How Often People Age 40-54 Need Eye Exams by Justin Wilkin, MD


Your vision is fundamental to your quality of life and with proper preventative care you can give yourself every advantage possible to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear. At various stages of your life, you need to take proactive measures to ensure your vision remains at optimal levels. Additionally, your general health status…

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Amy Cherof, MD is a comprehensive ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon at the Marietta Eye Clinic.

4 Health Reasons to See an Ophthalmologist by Amy Cherof, MD


The board-certified ophthalmologists at the Marietta Eye Clinic and the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommend adults get a complete eye examination at age 40 to establish a baseline for key eye health measures. This baseline data helps physicians to ensure they can track the health of their patient’s eyes over the course of their adult…

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Puneet Panda, MD Discusses which health status changes should prompt a visit to your eye doctor.

Dr. Puneet Panda Explains Which Health Status Changes Should Prompt a Visit to Your Eye Doctor


Whether you’ve worn glasses or contacts most of your life or have never had vision problems before, the majority of people don’t think about their vision on a daily basis. Even when you do experience changes in your eyesight, they’re often gradual enough to go unnoticed. That said, having your eyes examined on a regular…

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Monica Bratton, MD helps you understand how to know if your child needs glasses.

How Can I Know if My Child Needs Glasses by Monica Bratton, MD


Your child’s health is one of your top priorities. However, children aren’t always able to clearly communicate or realize when something is amiss. This is especially true when it comes to their eyesight. A person’s vision has a major impact on countless aspects of their daily life. That’s why it’s important to be aware of…

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Charles Ho, MD discusses why you should get an eye exam.

Why People of All Ages Should Get an Annual Eye Exam by Charles Ho, MD


As you schedule your yearly health and wellness appointments, who are you including on your list? You’ll likely think to schedule an annual visit to your dentist and primary care physician, but what about your eye doctor? No matter your age or life stage, regular eye exams can help keep your vision healthy, which is…

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