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The Marietta Eye Clinic is a comprehensive ophthalmology and optometry clinic.

Thank you for being a patient at the Marietta Eye Clinic. We are proud of the empathetic care our doctors provide and we are privileged to serve your eye care needs. If you would like to submit a written testimonial about the care and service you received which we can use on our website, please simply fill out the form below and hit submit. We will not disclose your full name, just your first initial and last name.

Patient Disclaimer: We enjoy sharing patient stories with current and future patient. These stories may help them know what to expect when they visit our clinics or surgery center and help calm the nerves often associated with seeking medical care. Photography may be taken before, during, or after a visit or procedure and permission is required. I understand that I will not be entitled to monetary payment or any other consideration as a result of any use of these images. I hereby grant Marietta Eye Clinic, and/or associates or licensees the right to publish or utilize my written feedback and photo, audio, and video content for publication, newspapers, television, electronic media, social media platforms such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn for marketing and patient education purposes.

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