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Progressive Lenses: Multifocal Vision

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Over the age of 40, our eyes gradually lose the ability to focus up close. This is a natural part of the aging process called presbyopia. The best way to regain accurate and natural vision is with progressive lenses which eliminate the need for reading glasses or two separate pairs of glasses. Progressive lenses allow you to see clearly in all fields of vision: far away, mid-range and close up, with no hard divisions or lines between them. At Marietta Eye Clinic we offer Varilux® lenses that let you move seamlessly from one field to the next with no uncomfortable head or eye movements.

Advantages of Progressive Lenses

  • Multifocal vision
  • Wider zones of clear vision
  • Better lens materials
  • More comfort
  • Compatibility with smaller frames

If you are researching progressive lenses for the first time or you are experimenting with trying them at an eye doctor you might require a little time to adapt. There may be some preliminary issues with peripheral vision and this will probably require some slight changes in horizontal head and eye movements.

Progressive Lens Adaptation

  • Cease using old eyewear as soon as possible
  • Wear new glasses throughout the day
  • Wear your new glasses high on the bridge of your nose
  • Move your head vertically until the object comes into focus

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