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Uveitis in Marietta

Uveitis (you-vee-EYE-tis) is an irritation and swelling of the middle layer of the coats of the eye. This layer is called the uvea. Uveitis may develop suddenly and can scar the eye or lead to blindness. 

Symptoms of Uveitis

  • Pain in your eye
  • Eye redness
  • Vision becomes suddenly blurry 

Types of Uveitis

  • Iritis: When the front part of the uvea is swollen or inflamed
  • Cyclitis: When the middle layer is inflamed
  • Choroiditis: An inflammation of the back part of the uvea 

Treatment for Uveitis

  • Eye drops can reduce the swelling in the eye
  • Corticosteroids and pupil dilators will lessen the pain and redness in the eye
  • If swelling is severe, your doctor may give you a shot or oral medicine 

 Video: Uveitis and Iritis

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A thorough eye examination is necessary to diagnose uveitis. Dr. Dhanu Meleth has completed a uveitis fellowship and is one of the few specialists in the state of Georgia to diagnose and treat this condition. He may order blood tests, skin tests or x-rays to determine whether you have uveitis or another condition. Since uveitis can be caused by illnesses in other parts of the body, your doctor will want to know about your overall health and may consult with your primary care physician or other specialists. 

If you have any symptoms of uveitis in Georgia, contact us today to schedule an eye exam.