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Epiretinal Membranes (Macular Puckers in Marietta)

An epiretinal membrane, commonly called a macular pucker, is thin film-like scar tissue that can develop over the central part of the retina known as the macula. This area of the retina is responsible for your clear central vision.

Symptoms of Macular Puckers

  • Blurry vision
  • Distorted vision
  • Loss of central vision
  • Straight lines appear wavy
  • Gray area in central vision

Video:  Macular Pucker Overview

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Treatment for Macular Puckers

Treatment is often unnecessary for mild forms of macular puckers. If your condition is more severe, vitrectomy surgery may be recommended, which involves the removal of the scar tissue and the vitreous gel for improvement of vision.

Our retinal specialists at Marietta Eye Clinic have extensive experience in all areas of vitreoretinal surgery. If you are experiencing any symptoms of macular puckers, contact us today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam in Marietta, Georgia.