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Dry Eye Treatment Options in Marietta

Our Marietta dry eye specialists offer a wide variety of treatment options to minimize or eliminate the harsh side effects of dry eye syndrome. The right treatment for you will depend on what is causing your condition – the only way to know this for sure is through a comprehensive eye exam.

Our treatment options include:

  1. IPL Photofacial treatments (Toyos technique) using gentle, highly-concentrated laser light to correct meibomian gland dysfunction.
  2. LipiFlow®: to clear blocked meibomian eyelid glands that are causing tears to evaporate too quickly.  The process uses controlled heat with adaptive pressure to encourage the production of oils in the tear film.
  3. RESTASIS®: a prescription medication to treat Chronic Dry Eye (CDE) where the eyes do not produce enough tears. The eye drops increase your eye’s natural ability to produce tears.
  4. Nutraceuticals or dry eye vitamins: new formulations may significantly help treat dry eye. We offer Macular Health™ vitamins for dry eye. These vitamins are also excellent sources of other essential minerals. Regular or consistent usage is typically required to maintain results.
  5. Dry eye drops: over-the-counter dry eye drops can be effective for short-term relief. Some of these drops include Allergan REFRESH TEARS®, Soothe® lubricant eye drops and TheraTears®. Artificial tears are available without prescription and may be used as often as necessary.
  6. Flaxseed oil or tablets: flax seed is good for dry eye and for the body in general. Several studies have shown significant evidence that taking flaxseed oil can drastically minimize the effects of dry eye syndrome. Ingesting the oil may be better than taking pills due to the method by which it is absorbed into your system. A suggested method of using the oil is to mix it with Italian salad dressing.
  7. Punctal plugs: your doctor may recommend inserting small plugs to help with natural tear flow. Some plugs are naturally dissolving.

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To learn more about dry eye treatments or to find out which treatment might be right for you, schedule an eye exam with one of our dry eye specialists in Georgia today. 

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